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Welcome to the Official Home of Newtown Forest F.C.

A cross-community football club based in South Belfast
Proudly sponsored by The Ivanhoe Hotel, LPE & The Limelight
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Displaying 1-24 of 24 results.
KickoffClub TeamResultOpponentVenueCompetition
11-11-2017 14:001st XI2 - 13rd Bangor OBHydebank (H)DAWFL PremView
04-11-2017 13:301st XI1 - 0Carrowdore YMCarrowdore (H)Sit. CupView
21-10-2017 13:301st XI1 - 7NortelNortel Factory Ground (H)J. ShieldView
14-10-2017 13:301st XI1 - 5Comber YMHydebank (H)B. A. ShieldView
07-10-2017 14:001st XI3 - 0CorrymeelaBlanchflower (H)DAWFL PremView
30-09-2017 14:001st XI4 - 3ClonduffHydebank (H)DAWFL PremView
23-09-2017 14:001st XI9 - 1St ComgallsHydebank (H)J. ShieldView
16-09-2017 14:001st XI1 - 4Rectory RangersHydebank (H)J. CupView
09-09-2017 14:001st XI2 - 243rd OBBilly Neill (A)DAWFL PremView
02-09-2017 14:001st XI4 - 4Oakfield BredaHydebank (A)DAWFL PremView
26-08-2017 14:001st XI2 - 2CorrymeelaHydebank (H)DAWFL PremView
19-08-2017 14:001st XI0 - 13rd Bangor OBAurora (A)DAWFL PremView
16-08-2017 18:301st XI3 - 4AgapeBelvoir (H)DAWFL PremView
11-11-2017 14:002nd XI3 - 2Comber YM IIParkway (H)DAWL D2AView
04-11-2017 14:002nd XI2 - 23rd Bangor OB IIHydebank (H)DAWL D2AView
07-10-2017 14:002nd XI5 - 3North Down IIBelvoir (A)DAWL D2AView
30-09-2017 14:002nd XI3 - 4Agape IIBilly Neill (A)DAWL D2AView
23-09-2017 14:002nd XI-8th OB IIHenry Jones (A)DAWL D2AView
16-09-2017 14:002nd XI1 - 3Greenwell Star IIWest Winds (A)DAWL D2AView
09-09-2017 14:002nd XI2 - 3Clonduff IIHydebank (H)DAWL D2AView
02-09-2017 14:002nd XI4 - 1Queens Grads IVBelvoir (H)DAWL D2AView
28-10-2017 14:003rd XI4 - 222nd OBWoodvale (H)SA D2View
16-09-2017 14:003rd XI1 - 18Belfast CelticGrove (A)Ironside CupView
09-09-2017 14:003rd XI4 - 2Lagan Swifts IIBelvoir 2 (H)SA D2View