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Welcome to the Official Home of Newtown Forest F.C.

A cross-community football club based in South Belfast
Proudly sponsored by The Ivanhoe Hotel, LPE & The Limelight
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"Jonny" from Northern Ireland
With the firsts having a game on tuesday night John will be taking a light football session from half 6 to half 7 at hydebank so anyone wanting to can get home in time for RVPs debut as well.  Andy recommends that anyone involved on Tuesday night take the night off. 
Created at 17:04:29 on the 19-Aug-2012
"Kitchy" from Northern Ireland

Just a reminder to meet at the Ivanhoe bar for 12:30. If you are not sure where this is please see the below link, click on Ivanhoe logo which is under visions on each page or contact one of the managers.


Please remember that if you arrive after 12:30 you will have to pay a fine, this is only applicable to the first team at the minute until the seconds season starts then it will be applicable to both teams.

If you are going to be late please advise the managers and meet the rest of the team at the ground we will be playing at by the time the manager has said to you. Fines are applicable to everyone (including Management) and will run as follows.

1st week: £1 fine
2nd Week if still unpaid: Doubled to £2
3rd week if still unpaid: Not eligible for selction

If anyone has any questions or queries on the fines rule please contact Johnny or myself.


Created at 02:58:12 on the 17-Aug-2012
"QUINN" from Ireland

I will not be following the new rules! This is not Nazi Germany and we are not professional footballers. Im not buying new undergarments to suit Sepp Blatter. If this is to be enforced the club should supply them as part of the kit.



Created at 02:52:14 on the 17-Aug-2012
"Jonny" from Northern Ireland
Seconds friendly tonight postponed by the council due to the weather!
Created at 10:03:04 on the 15-Aug-2012
"Jonny" from Northern Ireland
fantasy.premierleague.com if you want to enter the dreamteam this season. 

Code for the league is:  416363-110192
Created at 04:51:25 on the 15-Aug-2012
"Keith" from Northern Ireland
Anyone know the code for fantasy football?
Created at 15:30:31 on the 14-Aug-2012
"Kitchy" from Northern Ireland

Hi Guys

Just a reminder that we need to get the completed Emergency contact forms in, please give them to myself or Johnny Smith.



Created at 06:21:56 on the 10-Aug-2012
"Kitchy" from Northern Ireland
Fixed now
Created at 10:45:01 on the 09-Aug-2012
"Jonny" from Northern Ireland
Someones edited the date when updating it jimmy. The games on saturday
Created at 18:41:25 on the 08-Aug-2012
"JImmy" from Northern Ireland

What happened to the match against 8th OBs? Did it go ahead? Is it coming up?


Created at 10:32:17 on the 08-Aug-2012
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