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Welcome to the Official Home of Newtown Forest F.C.

A cross-community football club based in South Belfast
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"Rep" from Argentina

Well done to the management on the first training session last night. When you consider there was about 40 people there it was really well organised, there was a good mix of drills and not too long was spent at any one particular drill. Nice one. Looking forward to Thurs night. But just to clarify kitchy - are we not suppossed to be meeting at 6.30 on Thurs??

Also, brilliant to see all the new faces there last night lads-welcome to the club!



Created at 07:14:52 on the 17-Jul-2012
"Kitchy" from Northern Ireland


Also relating to Thursday 19th July training session, we have invited two special guests to take the session so we expect everyone to give them the utmost respect as everyone is representing the club.

And once again please bring trainers as well as football boots. Session starts at 7 so please try and get there for about 6:50 or 6:55.


Created at 05:29:16 on the 17-Jul-2012
Last Edited by Kitchy at 05:33:25 on the 17-Jul-2012
"Kitchy" from Northern Ireland

Hi Guys,

Just to reiterate on what I said tonight please remember to bring trainers with you on Thursday night training session.

I say again there is absolutly NO RUNNING happening. We are trying to bring in new training methods and ideas.

Any questions please come to me or email me. Treasurer@newtownforestfc.co.uk



Created at 17:16:02 on the 16-Jul-2012
Last Edited by jsmith1984 at 17:41:55 on the 16-Jul-2012
"Kitchy" from Northern Ireland
Guys can everyone attending the training sessions please remember to bring water with you as it is very important to keep everyone hydrated.
Created at 15:35:39 on the 14-Jul-2012
"Kitchy" from Northern Ireland

Hi Guys,

I have had a slow response back from players regarding paying up last seasons outstanding dues.

I will be sending texts out over the next load of days, can you please come back to me as soon as possible.

I would like to try and have a response from everyone before we start back to pre-season.

I will not be contacting people who owe money and have already been in contact with me but if you know you have an outstanding amount can you please contact me by email treasurer@newtownforestfc.co.uk or reply to my text.


Created at 08:12:50 on the 05-Jul-2012
Last Edited by Kitchy at 08:13:16 on the 05-Jul-2012
"waldo" from Northern Ireland
I'm gonna head down tomorrow try and bring a few with me if yous are still going this week!
Created at 18:00:48 on the 20-Jun-2012
"Jonny" from Northern Ireland
I know dazza's going down but not sure who else. May as well go down anyway this week and see what numbers we get if its a poor turnout probably best just to leave it till preseason.
Created at 10:03:00 on the 14-Jun-2012
"Jamesyp" from Northern Ireland
Atm i know of me rafa, james mckeown, andy, jimmy davies headin down
Created at 09:37:37 on the 14-Jun-2012
"jamesyp " from Northern Ireland
i had planned to jonny but would be good to know how many going, as no point if just a few going!
Created at 07:17:40 on the 14-Jun-2012
"Davey Agnew" from Northern Ireland
I won't be there, sorry. I've decided to rest for a wee while. Still getting the same knee problems I had at the tail-end of last season. So you can probably count me out for next week as well.  
Created at 18:02:07 on the 13-Jun-2012
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