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Welcome to the Official Home of Newtown Forest F.C.

A cross-community football club based in South Belfast
Proudly sponsored by The Ivanhoe Hotel, LPE & The Limelight
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"Jonny" from Northern Ireland
Training 6.30 at HYDEBANK
Created at 07:37:26 on the 04-Apr-2013
"John M" from Northern Ireland
Training is off
Created at 17:10:26 on the 01-Apr-2013
"John M" from Northern Ireland
Tuesday training will be 6:45pm at Hydebank until further notice. The 1sts have a match on Wednesday, so training this week will depend on whether we have sufficient numbers. We really should be training though as 2nds have a big cup game at the weekend. Put your name down here if you can train this Tuesday 02.04.13 and I will confirm ASAP if it's on..
Created at 10:45:21 on the 01-Apr-2013
"Tommy" from Northern Ireland

The 2nds game is def on

Created at 05:59:08 on the 30-Mar-2013
"Rep" from Northern Ireland
is training on tonight at Queens?
Created at 08:28:34 on the 28-Mar-2013
"Committee" from Northern Ireland
Training has been cancelled tonight 26.03.2013 at St Malachy's
Created at 08:34:19 on the 26-Mar-2013
"Rep" from Northern Ireland

I suggest the committee/management organise a match between the 1sts and 2nds for tomorrow (and some of the 3rds if their game cancelled) on the queens 3g full pitch. Both teams could use the time to work on their set pieces/ defensive/attacking play/ tactics/ formations etc and then have a match. Would be good for management to see all the players and maybe a chance to try new or different things, players in different positions etc.

Both teams have a chance of winning their leagues, (albeit that we need other results to go our way) and i think a combined training session and game could be very useful at this stage in season. We should take any chance we can to try and improve the way we work as a team and to understand the way the managers want us to play.

Also the other Saturday when one of our games was cancelled i ended up in Tescoes getting groceries!!! I think a little bit of my soul died that day! lol.

Anyway if your up for it stick your name down here or on the forum or text the managers and we can see if we have enough people. Ross can you stick this idea on Facebook for those that dont really bother with the website? 

Created at 06:11:04 on the 22-Mar-2013
"Mark" from Northern Ireland

Nice one mate

My number is 07411681006 talk you you soon

Created at 07:10:46 on the 15-Mar-2013
"Tommy" from Northern Ireland


That would be great what's your number and we can get something organised

Created at 16:47:52 on the 14-Mar-2013
"Mark McDowell" from Northern Ireland

Alryt its mark McDowell here.  My work is playing in a charity match in April and are looking a friendly before hand.  Would your thirds be interested some Sunday afternoon??

Created at 07:29:18 on the 14-Mar-2013
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