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A cross-community football club based in South Belfast
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"S Campbell " from Northern Ireland

Dont think you should be able to view other people's predictions.

For example... say someone is 5 points clear going into final round of games then all they need to do is just select the same scores as their nearest rival to ensure they cannot be caught. 

Created at 06:39:16 on the 15-Jan-2013
"Ross" from Northern Ireland
Few additions to the Predictor game.  You can now view each others predictions, just click on the username in the league table to see what the competition is up to!

So its been running for approximately 2 1/2 months now with over 2,300 predictions made so has anyone any comments or feedback?  Anything that could be better or other things you would like to see?  Ta!
Created at 16:54:03 on the 14-Jan-2013
"James W" from Northern Ireland
Excellent banter on saturday night...good to see Jonny survived anyway! Happy christmas all!
Created at 13:27:28 on the 24-Dec-2012
"Ross" from Northern Ireland

Congrats Roman!  Hope its all going well!  I think all in all were into our U10's 2nds team already! Quality!

Created at 11:18:01 on the 20-Dec-2012
"Rep" from Czech Republic
Big congratulations to Roman and his girlfriend Laura on the birth of their son Martin. For those of you who dont know him, Roman was our Czech centre half from a few seasons ago who is now living in England. Young Martin joins a growing list of future Newtown Forest players Roman!! Over the last few years Karl,Ross, Noodles, Tommy and Kyle have all been lucky enough to have sons (apologies if ive 4got anyone). Throw in Andys 2 and Stevies 3 and i think thats a full team right there!! The registration forms will be in the post mate!
Created at 07:19:38 on the 20-Dec-2012
"Davey Agnew" from Northern Ireland
No training at St. Malachy's tomorrow due to a prize-giving at the school. Next St. Malchy's session will be on January 8th.
Created at 12:50:45 on the 17-Dec-2012
"Kitchy" from Northern Ireland

Hi Folks,

I will be giving out the mugs after Thursday's training session and Sturday before the match.

People still to collect their mugs that have paid is as follows -

Tommy Moreland x 2
James Mckeown x 2
Richard McFerran x1
Stephen Campbell x 2

People who still have to pay is as follows. (rem £6 a mug)
Jimmy Devlin x 2
Ross McCaughrain x 2
Kris Byers x 1
Paddy Forte x 1
Davy Agnew x 2
James Whitten x 1
Andy Rendall x 2
Fergal Campbell x 1 (when he is back in Belfast)
Steven Robinson x 1 (when he is back in Belfast)


Created at 05:25:31 on the 17-Dec-2012
"Jonny" from Northern Ireland
Next thirds game will be held on Sunday 13th January. 2pm KO at Billy Neill
Created at 08:46:17 on the 13-Dec-2012
"Jimmy" from Saint Kitts

As much as I'd love to take all the thanks for sunday, aside from sorting out some fellas to beat and my genius tactics, Jonny kindly sorted out all the rest and Dee kindly assisted in helping with squad / tactics and doing 90mins as well (as did jonny)! So big thanks to those guys.

Thanks to to all the players who made themselves available, didn't complain about being played out of position AND did 90, or very close to it, minutes.




Created at 09:37:08 on the 12-Dec-2012
"John M" from Northern Ireland
Well said Rep. Agree with everything you said there. Thanks to Jimmy for stepping up and volunteering to take the team yesterday. It's important to recognise when a club member is prepared to put their hand up and offer to give their time to help the club and its players. So cheers for that Jimmy. As I mentioned on the Facebook page, Jimmy isn't in a position to do this on a permanent basis so yesterday was a one-off and we still need a 3rds manager (or player/manager).

At this stage NOBODY has offered to give it a go so, if that doesn't change, the 3rd team will have to be abandoned after only one game! Players have been asking repeatedly for a 3rds team for a long time now. It has been raised & agreed at numerous players' meetings. So the committee have agreed to do it and true to their word have put in the time and effort to make it happen.

Even a temporary stand-in manager would be better than nothing, so if somebody would be up for helping the lads out for a few games then let the committee know ASAP. Anyone carrying an injury at the minute but wanting to stay involved with the club maybe? But the main contenders would surely have to be the 12 players who played for the 3rds yesterday. For anyone considering it I should also add that as the 3rds matches will be on Sundays managing the 3rds won't affect your chances of playing for the 2nds or 1sts. On the contrary it would actually show you in a good light as a team-player and committed club member - so probably improves your chances.

Come on lads, surely one of you can carry the water bottles and pick the team for a few games?! It can't be that hard if me and Andy can do it!

Created at 09:47:35 on the 10-Dec-2012
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