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Welcome to the Official Home of Newtown Forest F.C.

A cross-community football club based in South Belfast
Proudly sponsored by The Ivanhoe Hotel, LPE & The Limelight
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"Michael Kitchen" from Northern Ireland

Hi Mel

No problem at all, I am glad he enjoyed it. He is more than welcome to come down again.

Created at 17:16:14 on the 29-Nov-2012
Last Edited by Kitchy at 17:23:17 on the 29-Nov-2012
"Mel baker" from Northern Ireland

Would just like to thank you all at trainin tonight for makin my son feel so welcome. He really enjoyed trainin with you's.

Created at 15:52:11 on the 29-Nov-2012
"John M" from Northern Ireland
That's great news Jonny. Very pleased to see it. Can only be good for the club as a whole. For all those who've also wanted to see this happen, have a serious think about managing the team. Any one of the lads who hasn't been getting regular starts would be ideal for player/manager. As the 3rds play on Sunday there will still be the opportunity for some games in the 1sts or 2nds. But if nobody is prepared to take it on it won't happen so let's see somebody give it a bash. You've nothing to lose. Might even find you enjoy it!
Created at 17:30:00 on the 23-Nov-2012
"Jonny" from Northern Ireland

With the amount of players currently not getting regular gametime and after regular feedback from players i'm pleased to announce that Newtown Forest 3rd team will have their first ever friendly against a Jimmy Devlin Select 11 on Sunday 9th December at Billy Neill @2pm. More details to follow in due course...

Created at 08:45:52 on the 23-Nov-2012
"Phil" from Northern Ireland
Think we also went to the Front Page last year although we weren't overly welcomed.  There is a new bar beside the Duke of York which we could add to the list, not sure of the name.
Created at 10:27:27 on the 22-Nov-2012
"Ross" from Northern Ireland

 Think the wee bar at the premier Inn and also The Northern Whig?

Created at 12:44:41 on the 21-Nov-2012
"Kitchy" from Northern Ireland
If you are interested in putting your name down for a Newtown Forest FC Promotional Mug please add your name to this facebook thread otherwise you can just text me.

The Mug costs £6 and if you can get the money to me for as soon as possible that would be great.



Created at 04:13:51 on the 20-Nov-2012
"Rep" from Ireland

i didnt rate myself 10! i didnt even no u could rate urself. if i did id give myself 11 out of 10 anyway!! haha. dont think it was ricky either. if he was to rate me hed give me 1!! hes always fancied me that boy! im here all week.


Created at 04:59:40 on the 07-Nov-2012
"Iron Man" from Kyrgyzstan

If anything it was an outstanding perfomance!

However the culprit is not this Ricky one you speak of! 

Created at 03:03:43 on the 07-Nov-2012
"Sherlock Holmes" from England
You'd almost think that rating was posted by somebody who didn't want to do nets again. 

Hmmm... I wonder who it could be?

Any ideas Ricky?
Created at 15:27:26 on the 06-Nov-2012
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