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Welcome to the Official Home of Newtown Forest F.C.

A cross-community football club based in South Belfast
Proudly sponsored by The Ivanhoe Hotel, LPE & The Limelight
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"REP" from Congo

Nice one Ricky.

Created at 06:02:14 on the 26-Oct-2012
"Ricky" from Northern Ireland

Hi Guys

I have now created the Newtown Forest Movember page, follow the link below and get signed up!!! Its all for a brilliant cause plus well get to see some sites come the end of the month!


Next Thursday we will get a team photo of everyone who is involved.

Rules! You must be clean shaven from the 1st of November, from then on in its time to nurture that top lip!!

Created at 02:28:13 on the 26-Oct-2012
"Kitchy" from Northern Ireland
Hi Folks,

I was thinking about the money owed to the club and how I am going to collect it in so I was thinking about working on a new collection process, which is a 4 stage process.

What this means is if a player is on Stage 3 there is a good chance they will become ineligible for selection for any team unless they pay money into the club.
I will set a date where all players on stage 3 will have to pay me something to drop them down to stage 2 otherwise they will move to stage 4.

The first date I have set for this to take place is next Sat 27th Oct, if players on Stage 3 do not pay they will move to stage 4 and become ineligible for the matches commencing 3rd November onwards until they drop down again to stage 2 or 3.

The system basically breaks down as follows –
Stage 1 = 1 month owing
Stage 2 = 2 months owing
Stage 3 = 3 months owing
Stage 4 = Ineligible

I will be sending out text messages tonight (22/10/2012) detailing what stage you are on, if you do not get a text from me then you are up to date with payments.

Any questions please text me or email treasurer@newtownforestfc.co.uk

Many Thanks
Created at 06:49:56 on the 22-Oct-2012
"James W" from Northern Ireland
Pretty sure i scored twice yesterday and got 2 assists, while damian did nothing? Could this be changed please ;)
Created at 09:00:19 on the 21-Oct-2012
"Kitchy" from Northern Ireland

Hi Guys,

Please can I ask that anyone going to training tomorrow night can you please bring money with you if you owe any from
- Last Season
- Sign On
- September / October Dues

Also can anyone in the squad on Saturday please try and come to the Ivanhoe bar as I aim to talk to everyone that still owes me money from last season, sign on and September.

I also have to give out payment receipts.

If I can not speak to you, this could mean you are ineligable for selection from next week on.

Any questions about money owed please text me or email me at treasurer@newtownforestfc.co.uk

Many Thanks

Created at 02:47:08 on the 17-Oct-2012
"Ross" from Northern Ireland
Congratulations to Andy and Elsa on their Wedding!  Elsa looked gorgeous and Andy looked.....errr well...... hehehehe, actually he scrubs up well!

Especially nice to see Sir Alex Ferguson make the effort to be there!

Alex Ferguson/Karl

Created at 03:54:54 on the 05-Oct-2012
"Kitchy" from Northern Ireland

Hi Guys,

I need to hear from the following people if they are coming to watch the Firsts match against Portstewart Olympia this Saturday 22nd September.

I have to arrange cars to give people lifts up and back.

So can the following people please let me know or can someone mention to them and let me know.

Ricky Millar, Davy Agnew, Richard Simpson, John Mills, Rafa Emanual, Junior, Jimmy Devlin, Ryan Kane, Paddy McShane, Scrabsy, Marty Cullen, Kris Byers, Callum McNab

We need to know for as soon as possible.


Created at 03:04:59 on the 19-Sep-2012
"Davey Agnew" from Northern Ireland
Hi folks.

The Second team won't be announced on the website this evening. But all those involved will be notified by text.

Created at 10:55:48 on the 14-Sep-2012
"Ryan " from Northern Ireland
hi guys you looking any more players i have left oakfield breda II 3 or 4 weeks ago but got good players here if you looking and if you r sure tell johnny to give me a text my number on niform look for whippy on niform pre season friendlies and you will get my number johnny myt have my number as he text me weeks ago about a friendly game 
Created at 17:05:01 on the 13-Sep-2012
"Kitchy" from Northern Ireland

Alright guys,

In relation to the Junior Cup match and the possibility of staying over in a hotel, the only place I could find with enough spare rooms was the Ramada Portrush where you get twin room with Breakfast included for £99 per room (£49.50 per person).

Can you let me or Johnny what you think about this so we can gage if we can go ahead with it.

If not we could always just get the mini bus to go up and come back on the same day.


Created at 06:27:33 on the 10-Sep-2012
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